Jewelry Care

Do's and Don'ts for Jewelry

Congratulations on getting your new jewelry from Brother & Sisters! It is crucial to be aware of some good habits that will keep fine jewelry sparkling and looking its best while being worn every day, as is the case with all fine jewelry. Fortunately for you, we've created this guide to assist you in properly caring for and cleaning your jewelry so that it maintains its luster and shine for years to come.



Want to clean your jewelry? It’s super simple.

We advise using mild dish soap and warm water. Avoid using extremely hot water or a cleaner that contains harsh chemicals when cleaning our fine jewelry. If your ring needs additional cleaning, be sure to rub gently with a damp cloth or a toothbrush with a soft bristle.

  • In a bowl, combine a half teaspoon of mild dish soap with a cup of warm water.
  • For three to five minutes, leave your jewelry in the bowl.
  • Take the jewelry out of the bowl, then wash it in fresh water.
  • When drying and polishing your jewelry, use a soft microfiber cloth made without chemicals.
You want to preserve fine jewelry in its best condition for many years to come. Make sure to check your ring every day and take it off whenever you feel appropriate to prevent damage from normal wear and tear. In general, a good soak once a week is a great way to remove any dirt and keep your metal's quality and luster. To preserve the shine and sparkle of your ring after a brief soak, be sure to dry it with a soft towel. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about how to properly care for your wedding and engagement rings.


If you've tried cleaning your jewelry as directed by us and you're still not satisfied, it might be time to have your jewelry serviced. Like all fine jewelry, over time it might become dull and worn. To help restore the sparkle and shine of your jewelry, we advise servicing it as required. Visit our guarantee page for more details on how to begin the process if you're interested in having your piece serviced or even resized under our Lifetime Warranty.


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